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Cykros posted in Events
December 13 at 1:04pm
This Christmas comes with a lot of gifts for everyone.Event period is 13.December.2018 (after GM restarts the server) until 30-December-2019 18:00 Server TimeOn this event players need to farm Christmas Ball(White), Christmas Ball(Green), Christmas Ball(Blue), Christmas...

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Cykros posted in Events
December 6 at 12:53pm
Until 9 December 2018 18:00 server time the following server rates will be boostedView attachment 7455 ​ ...

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ExCaliose posted in Events
December 1 at 4:10pm
Good days i Will just officially announce the Winners of today's Event Question and Answer:xAndroid18xSTRYGWYRKeyboard Warrior Event:ArtilleryBladeScytheRoll the Sice Event:SeulgiNikZAzz2All winners will receive 3 Lightning Elements.The rewards will be sent in few days.Thank...

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Cykros posted in Events
November 22 at 6:52pm
This is a time limited event and it will end on 25-November-2019 at 18:00 Server Time.Stay online and win for every 60 minutes a total of 20 eCoins.Simple as it is View attachment 7427 ​ ...

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Cykros posted in Events
November 18 at 8:39am
Its time for the players to show their appreciations for the server developers and also for the server developers to offer something unique to those who support the server.​Event mechanics:Until 9-December-2019 18:00 server time, we will accumulate for each account...

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Cykros posted in News
November 15 at 11:53am
As requested by many players we have decided to offer the GM Kill title for those who aren't so lucky with time and cant be active whenever there is a GM Kill event.Each GM Kill title will be rewarded for the following donations:20 € (First title)5 €5...

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Cykros posted in Updates
November 14 at 2:48pm
A small but much desired patchWebshop changes:Shop refund tax lowered from 10% to 5%Recalculated and lowered prices for force codes (Slot and craft options)Recalculated and lowered prices from weapons and body partsDoubled the monthly stock of unique items in the webshopItem...

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Cykros posted in News
November 12 at 1:20pm
The game webshop is being disabled for a short while, we are recalculating the prices of some items that were to expensive.I wont give out to much details but this will be a quality of life update ...

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Cykros posted in News
October 22 at 4:10pm
Starting from this moment you will be able to support our server by voting for it in 7 different ranking sites.The total amount of vCoins you will earn is 105 (before it was 90)Keep in mind that if you buy the Premium Membership Gold you will earn double vCoins for every...

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Cykros posted in Updates
October 18 at 2:19pm
Quality of game changesEXP RATE of the server increased with x5 from what it was. Floating rates will still apply to the new exp rate.Skills balanceSpoiler: All skillsSpoiler: Warrior skillsSpoiler: Force Shielder skillsSpoiler: Force Blader skillsSpoiler: Force Archer...

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Cykros posted in News
October 2 at 6:46pm
We are in the process of changing our Facebook page name from Olympus Gaming NetworktoRedemption CabalWe will announce when it will be approved by facebook team. ...

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Zeratul posted in News
September 28 at 6:08pm
Hello. Due to recent events we come forward with this notice:For the players who exploited the server weakness (permanent ban penalty), and made alz by buying Quartz Cores (Topaz) and Material Core (Redosmium) they have to do the following:Send me in-game by mail (in game...

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Cykros posted in Updates
September 27 at 6:39pm
Beginners gameplay improvementsAdded Furry Potion Lv.1,2 and 3 to all Grocer shops in Bloody Ice,Desert Scream and Green Despair.Prewit (Merit Mastery Shopkeeper), removed the Level and Honor Rank requirement to buy Sealed Medal No.1,/No.2/No.3 and Medal of HonorDP Exchange...

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Cykros posted in Updates
September 17 at 6:12pm
Game play changesAll dungeon Entry items can now be purchased with alz from Peddler Unon or with vCoins from Event, Girl Yul in Bloody Ice.With this change some dungeon entries have the Alz price adjusted.​View attachment 7219 View attachment 7220 ​Drop changesFrozen...

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Cykros posted in Updates
September 6 at 4:03pm
After gathering feedback from our community the following changes and fixes were brought to the server:Abandoned City Increased the drop rate from Legacy Chest and Legendary BoxBike Slot Extender (High)Bike Upgrade Kit (High)Bike Enhanced Kit (High)Bike Force Kit (High)Can...

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