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Cykros posted in News
January 22 at 10:16pm
After a debate with all staff members we decided to do this bald change that will affect the whole aspect of our server in GOOD ( at least we think it will )View attachment 7773I will try to be very explicit in my posts and we will inform you guys along the way with any...

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Cykros posted in Updates
January 20 at 6:03pm
Server configurationDropped stuff expiration time updateAlz expiration - 20 seconds (after 10 seconds anyone can pick it)Item epiration - 20 seconds (after 10 seconds anyone can pick it)​ Channels LayoutChannel 1 (Premium)Channel 2 (Premium)Channel 3 (Premium)Channel...

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Bryz posted in Events
January 17 at 9:08am
View attachment 7743 ​Good day Everyone, to celeberate the most awaited Glacias infernas nerf we are here to bring you a wonderful event, gather up your comrades and team up, clear the dungeon with the best time to win a reward ​Rewards:1st place: Divine stone...

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Cykros posted in Updates
January 16 at 9:08pm
In order to improve the quality of life in Glacies Inferna dungeon we have done the following changes to the bossesView attachment 7740 and we have made the following changes to the dropsSource Of The Power Of NazabrumRemoved the Archridium itemsAdded Palladium weapons...

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Cykros posted in Updates
January 11 at 1:29pm
Two new weapons were added to the server, this weapons are unique so only of each will be available in the whole Nevareth. Those who own them have the possibility to trade it to other users, if the will want so, of course!This new weapons will be linked weapons (just like...

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Bryz posted in Events
January 10 at 8:18pm
View attachment 7679 Hello as our dear players requested i am here to announce a special Mission war event that will take place on 01/11/2020 at 16:00 server time Bracket (lvl.160~200), and to make it more fun and exciting the event mechanics this time will be a little...

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Zeratul posted in Events
January 2 at 11:10am
Hello. I wish to announce you all of a new upcoming MW Event (160-200 levels). The highest score players (Capella and Procyon) will recieve the following rewards:1st Place: Fusion Ring 7 Days + 50 Christmas Wreath2nd Place: Fusion Ring 6 Days + 40 Christmas Wreath3rd...

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Bryz posted in Events
December 31 at 5:23pm
Here are the winners of in game special event hello 2020GM kill Event with 100m honor potion bonus reward winnerswinkiSpearxDaichanSpartanNOPersistencebonus 2 rounds regular gm killWSTRSutaxHide & Seek event 5 LESutaxSanduCiorbaxBLINKColor code Q&A event 10 LENachoesxBLINKxDaichanHide...

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Cykros posted in News
December 23 at 3:43pm
So we are almost done with 2019 and I would say it was an year with good and bad, the important thing is that we stood together and overcome all the difficulties we had.I want to inform you guys what is planned ahead after this holidays for our beloved server.Redeem system...

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Cykros posted in Events
December 23 at 1:45pm
Its the time of the year when all of us can show our appreciations for those we love. We, Redemption staff, love our players and we want to offer them this unique opportunity to support our server and get awesome rewards in exchange.​Event mechanics:Duration:Until...

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Cykros posted in News
November 15 at 11:53am
As requested by many players we have decided to offer the GM Kill title for those who aren't so lucky with time and cant be active whenever there is a GM Kill event.Each GM Kill title will be rewarded for the following donations:20 € (First title)5 €5...

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Cykros posted in Updates
November 14 at 2:48pm
A small but much desired patchWebshop changes:Shop refund tax lowered from 10% to 5%Recalculated and lowered prices for force codes (Slot and craft options)Recalculated and lowered prices from weapons and body partsDoubled the monthly stock of unique items in the webshopItem...

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Cykros posted in News
November 12 at 1:20pm
The game webshop is being disabled for a short while, we are recalculating the prices of some items that were to expensive.I wont give out to much details but this will be a quality of life update ...

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Cykros posted in News
October 22 at 4:10pm
Starting from this moment you will be able to support our server by voting for it in 7 different ranking sites.The total amount of vCoins you will earn is 105 (before it was 90)Keep in mind that if you buy the Premium Membership Gold you will earn double vCoins for every...

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Cykros posted in Updates
October 18 at 2:19pm
Quality of game changesEXP RATE of the server increased with x5 from what it was. Floating rates will still apply to the new exp rate.Skills balanceSpoiler: All skillsSpoiler: Warrior skillsSpoiler: Force Shielder skillsSpoiler: Force Blader skillsSpoiler: Force Archer...

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